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Par Danielle Bonneau, La Presse
1 May 2014

L'ancienne Brasserie Ekers, construite en 1894 sur le boulevard Saint-Laurent, au sud de la rue Sherbrooke, a été transformée pour devenir le St-Dominique. À l'arrière, une nouvelle section de six étages a été rajoutée.

Danielle Bonneau, La Presse
1 June 2013

A quick tour of the new-style penthouses

CBC news
2 April 2013

This CBC news report aired in May 2012 and includes an interview with Louis Conrad Migneault, VP of Marketing for DevMcGill.

Nathalie Dieul, Époque Times
4 March 2013

Quinze ans d’expérience ainsi qu’un goût prononcé pour le design et l’innovation caractérisent le promoteur immobilier DevMcGill. L’entreprise a commencé ses activités avant que les condominiums nedeviennent populaires. Elle a connu dans les dernières années une croissance extraordinaire de 600 %.

MEGAN MARTIN, Special To The Gazette
25 February 2013

The city is experiencing an upswing in construction and development, especially in the downtown sector, and it is having an impact.

22 February 2013

Fears of a Canadian housing bubble are largely unfounded and, in fact, house prices remain affordable in three-quarters of the country, with the exception of Vancouver, Toronto and Victoria, says a new BMO report.

DAVE McGINN - The Globe and Mail
18 January 2013

When Charise Bauman bought her condominium in Toronto she wanted it to be in an established, walkable downtown neighbourhood, have a concierge service and, among other criteria, have good lighting.

Pierre Deschênes
31 October 2012

The president of DevMcGill loves design. One passion among many. A rendezvous with a young condominium developer who has been ‘building Montréal’ for nearly fifteen years.

17 April 2012

Old Montreal now offers another service geared toward families – Gym Petit Prince, a gym specially adapted for the needs of little ones that also provides a drop-in daycare service.

30 November 2010

Because of the scarcity of land in Hong Kong, apartments are very small and expensive. Architect Gary Chang designed a compact apartment that can be transformed into 24 different designs. He calls it the “Domestic Transformer”

Alison Macgregor, the Gazette
18 November 2010

Rising prices, low interest rates spur new ways to jump in -and keep the housing market frothy. Montreal real-estate developers are benefiting from the growing number of well-off Canadian parents buying condos for their children.


5 November 2010

Entrevue de Stéphane Côté au Canal Argent

5 November 2010

Parents buying condos with their adult children is a growing trend in the real estate market that has been given added impetus by the current economic environment. In these times, families are looking for a safe bet to build wealth for their children.

7 December 2009

Now here’s an unconventional competition that only DevMcGill could have come up with: a contest that gives the future owners of the approximately 90 units in Phase 3 of the M9 project a chance to decide how they want to arrange the common areas in their new shared home.

25 November 2009

Buying a condo is more complicated than choosing an apartment to rent. How do you successfully complete this project and ensure that you have acquired a profitable investment? Here are five useful guidelines from

9 November 2009

Montréal is fortunate to have escaped most effects of the American real estate crisis. More than ever, a condo in Montréal is a prime investment. While prices of homes and condominiums are collapsing in most large North American cities...

27 October 2009

As numbers of residents and workers take off, Old Montréal has become an ideal place to set up service and neighbourhood businesses. If you’re thinking about establishing a business, what are you waiting for?

2 October 2009

People buying condos in Montréal are not always the young “in” folks we see in the ads. Often, they are 50 and up, representing key new players in city living.

22 September 2009

Between Griffintown and the Peel Basin, the little streets making up Montréal’s old industrial heart are looking forward to a wonderful future with the impending redevelopment of the Bonaventure Expressway. This is a real wake-up call for investors!

15 September 2009

After the boom resulting from development of the Multimédia District, Old Montréal is now going through a housing boom and has gained the status of a city neighbourhood leading every trend.