20 years

The first iMac, Harry Potter, Google, Saving Private Ryan and…
DevMcGill, all of these appeared in 1998!

That’s right! For 20 years now, DevMcGill has applied its talent and efforts to advance a bold vision of our residential construction heritage. In order to highlight this important event, we have scheduled festive and occasionally somewhat nostalgic activities to celebrate, all through the year, that momentous occurrence.

This busy agenda will be full of promotions, contests, reminders, themes, historical reviews and various points of view. Stay tuned! And now, let the party begin!

Stéphane Côté ... - 1998

Stéphane Côté a determined visionary and an active entrepreneur in Montreal’s business community, earned an economics degree from Université du Québec à Montréal in 1992. Licensed as a contractor by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), he quickly focused his interest on renovation and conversion projects. His entrepreneurial interest in the city’s real estate arose with the conversion into lofts of a former Hudson’s Bay warehouse in Old Montreal.

In 1998, backed up by an experienced team and strong partners, he incorporated Développements McGill, which is located in one of Old Montreal’s historic buildings, at 407 McGill Street.

the Early Days 1998

A lot of good faith, a great deal of energy, somewhat homegrown means and an iron will, these are the features of the business’s early days. Excavation, stripping, oil application on monumental beams, no effort was spared to transform the former Hudson’s Bay warehouse into a magnificent jewel containing 12 lofts.

The architectural services of Jean Pelland, currently the senior partner at the Sid Lee firm, were retained to carry out this first official project. This was a great success, firmly establishing the basis of DevMcGill.

La Vita è bella !

In the course of the numerous events organized to mark DevMcGill’s 20 years in business, we are pleased to present our two in-house designers, Nadia Palumbo and Jessica Puglisi, Managers of Projects, Finishes and Personalization whose contribution has been vital in the successful completion of our many endeavours.

With a great deal of tact and people skills, they have brought their fine touch to bear, enhancing their projects and making choices easier for their clients. Involved in the construction industry at an early age – both were born into a family of general contractors – they quickly learned to hold a paintbrush and extend a measuring tape.


Our greatest love story begins at home!

They are an essential resource, an irreplaceable asset, the face we show to the world, our eyes and our ears — our employees constitute our most vital component in the smooth operation of our organization. We are proud of their achievements. They are remarkable workers thanks to their know-how and to their great sense of commitment. We would like to highlight their contribution by sharing with you a sampling of the heartfelt thoughts they have for some of our ongoing projects.

20 years and nearly as many projects

The 100 McGill, the 2091 Beaudry Lofts, the 407 McGill, the Caverhill, the Outremont Convent, the 777, L’Orléans, Benny Square, Avenue 32, the St-Dominique, the Castelnau, M9, all have been hailed, all have received awards, all have been recognized for their quality, their relevance and their style!

Today, DevMcGill’s distinctive presence is being felt simultaneously in every part of the City. Cutting-edge projects draw a great deal of attention with their remarkable architecture. Let us show you around!

Montreal’s Griffintown West neighbourhood
300 units built over three (3) phases
Construction begins in the spring of 2018

Montreal’s N.D.G. neighbourhood
149 units
Under construction.
Delivery in 2019

Montreal’s Mile-Ex neighbourhood
310 units built over five (5) phases
Phase 1 under construction
Phase 2 sales have begun

89 units
Project delivery in March 2018

Tak Village
Rosemont neighbourhood
260 units built over seven (7) phases
Condos, townhouses and triplexes
Sales begin in the spring of 2018

Quartier international
162 units
Sales begin in April 2018

Celebrating DevMcGill's 20 Years in Business: Here We Go!

In order to highlight this important event, a full calendar has been prepared in celebration of that historic date.

Major activities will include promotions, contests, thematic reminders and historical reviews.

Press release DevMcGill 20th Anniversary