3 New Bars and Cafés to Look Out for in Griffintown

There are constantly new bars and cafés popping up in Griffintown Montreal and for those living in the area looking to enjoy the latest spots, it can be hard to keep track! 

Whether you’re looking for a new hip spot to sip your morning flat white or a lively bar where you can mingle with friends in the evening, we’ve got you covered. Here are three of our favourite new openings in the Griffintown area that you need to check out:

Mano Cornuto 

Fans of Italian food rejoice! Griffintown has a new Italian snack bar that recently arrived on the corner of Ottawa and Ann streets.

Mano Cornuto is a casual joint with a menu that stretches from focaccia sandwiches and coffee to fresh pasta and natural wine. The classic European café style transports you and your tastebuds to the backstreets of Rome. 

This spot offers something new to the neighbourhood and is somewhere you can easily find yourself popping into on a daily basis! Freshly-made focaccia sandwiches are very much the main focus here – with at least one meat and one vegetarian option available each day. 

Open 8 am to 5 pm  Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Saturday and closed Sunday. Stay tuned for evening hours that are potentially coming soon! 


A New York City-based bakery/café/restaurant has opened its doors in Griffintown! 

Maman started out in SoHo in 2014, and its popularity has seen it expand throughout New York City. Montrealers will now be able to enjoy the baked goods that draw wide acclaim – namely from Oprah Winfrey who claimed the nutty chocolate chip cookie was one of her favourite things! 

Although the baked goods will certainly attract a crowd, Maman Montreal will lean a little more towards a restaurant than other locations with full breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch menus. The restaurant also has French wines, Quebec beers, and some specialty cocktails.

Maman is the latest opening that is closest to the new NOCA Grifintown condos, just a six-minute walk! Open 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday.


If you like eating and drinking in unique, alternative spaces, this one is for you. 

MR-63 is a new public space comprising two of Montreal’s iconic blue metro carriages on the corner of Peel and Ottawa streets. One carriage holds a coffee shop and bar, and the second focuses on cultural events such as screenings and exhibitions. The carriages are surrounded by a terrasse and family play area. 

The launch is just the beginning of this project to repurpose Montreal metro cars. By 2020, the location is planned to change into a three-level building incorporating eight metro cars.

Us Montrealers love our metro and giving these iconic metro cars a second lease on life while incorporating local produce certainly ticks the box with us! 

New condos in Griffintown

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