5 Reasons to buy move-in ready condos

Are you looking for a home? Well this is the season to be shopping for condos. It is that time of year where the snow has melted, the sun is shining and the leaves are starting to bulb, the grass is turning green and terraces are opening. Homebuyers are on the prowl looking for their first or next purchase.

Spring is the right time to be on the market shopping for a good deal, as the inventory left won’t stay on the market for long. Last year the best months to buy homes and condos were April/May. DevMcGill has now released its present collection of condos for immediate occupancy. You could live in the house of your dreams in just weeks! So why choose move-in ready? There are so many advantages to buying a move-in ready condo and here are just a few.

Advantages to move-in ready condos

1. Move-in ready refers to a property that is ready for immediate occupancy.

A property in this condition must meet all requirements by the city or governing municipality as a habitable dwelling, which usually include operable plumbing, electricity, locking doors and windows, and passing certain required pest inspections. So no unpleasant surprises, or additional costs following when you make your purchase.

 2. Buy before the prices go even higher!

Whether you prefer condo living, want to downsize or are looking for an affordable starter home, move-in ready condominiums offer great investment value.

3. You can enjoy all the benefits of a home plus additional amenities like covered parking, and recreational spaces.

The incredible amenities right where you live include the fabulous views, landscaped rooftop terraces, state-of-the-art fitness centres, as well as, a party room that invites you to entertain friends and family.

 4. What you see is what you get when compared to condos in the construction stage.

Only the latest designs, styles and features, which include better energy efficiency and a contemporary appeal.

5. Better resale value. Owning your condo allows you to build equity.

Many individuals and families would prefer to purchase a home but find the cost of Montreal towns, semis or detached homes prohibitive. One- two and three-bedroom condos in Montreal are the perfect starter home. They are both spacious and affordable plus you can take advantage of all the additional amenities they provide minus the gardening and the shoveling.

Move-in Ready Promotion Condos - DevMcGill

These are our Condo projects available for purchase:

  • M9-4
  • St-Dominique
  • Avenue 32
  • Castelnau, Phases I, II & III

There are 42 units available units remaining. Discover the different units and contact one of our sales representatives for a visit. Click on the link to see more:




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