5 Things To Do In Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles (Entertainment District)

There’s nothing quite like a summer spent in Montreal. With wall-to-wall festivals and entertainment, the city’s renowned as a hot spot for tourists, while residents get to have it all right in their own backyard. But what makes summertime in Montreal’s famous entertainment district so special? Here’s a list of can’t miss events.

The Montreal International Jazz Festival

Holding a Guinness World Record as the world’s largest Jazz festival, anywhere from 100 to 200 thousand people attend every year, and turn the cordoned off streets around Place-des-Arts into party central. There are so many options – from private shows in the classy theaters, to massive free outdoor shows (that have hosted acts as diverse as Stevie Wonder, Pat Metheny, Bran van 3000, Ella Fitzgerald and BB King), there’s always something to do at the Jazz Fest. Heck, if you’re in town and have the day off, just walk down St. Catherine to Place des Arts, grab a beer and soak up some culture!

Food Trucks

One delicious sight Montrealers have recently gotten used to are the city’s amazing food trucks. Long forbidden in Montreal, recent law changes have made food trucks an integral part of the city’s foodie scene in the last few years. There’s just so much to choose from. You can grab street tacos at Grumman 78, delicious comfort food at Le Cheese, or tartares at Route 27. They move around the city a lot, so if you’re hungry, here’s a handy site that tells you which ones are out, and where.

Montreal Pride

Montreal’s always been celebrated as a diverse, inclusive city, and nowhere is this more obvious than in their famous Pride Fest – from August 9th to 19th. Incredibly popular, attracting 2.7 million local and international visitors, there are loads of activities, including performances from some of the hottest international and local artists, film screenings, lectures, and of course – the famous Pride Parade!

Fantasia Film Festival

Taking place at Concordia University, the Fantasia Film Festival, which shows some of the most off-kilter, entertaining films from around the world, has morphed into one of the country’s biggest film festivals. Stars like Robert Pattinson and more have stopped by for screenings, with huge international premieres and more! Check it out at here!

Just for Laughs

We’ve saved the best for last. All the biggest names in comedy make their way to Montreal in July to perform sold-out shows at Just for Laughs, with this year’s program including Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah, Tiffany Haddish and more. There’s always plenty to do, including free outdoor shows, special events and more. Get all the info at hahaha.com

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