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Since inception in 1998, DevMcGill has been revitalizing the face of the city with the mission of imagining and building tomorrow’s living spaces today. DevMcGill’s developments reflect a distinct taste for design and innovation based on sustainability. With a collaborative approach, the DevMcGill team creates astonishing innovations and visionary designs. This approach offers modern living spaces that enhances neighborhoods while embracing the city’s architectural heritage.

In June 2017, we at DevMcGill had the privilege of joining forces with the Cogir real estate group. In a manner of speaking, this agreement gave us wings and allowed us to face the future with a great deal of serenity. As we near our 20th anniversary, this important decision gives us the means to realize our ambitions. Of course, DevMcGill intends to maintain its excellent reputation and will continue to offer high-quality homes.

On September 8, 2020, the DevMcGill team has moved into Cogir’s new real estate development and construction offices located in Humaniti Montreal. Under the chairmanship of Philippe Krivicky (real estate development and construction division) and Stéphane Côté (major projects division), DevMcGill colleagues thus more officially join the large Cogir family. The DevMcGill brand will now be used only for condo projects built by Cogir.


Our Mission

For nearly 25 years, DevMcGill (now a division of Cogir Real Estate) has contributed to Montreal’s built heritage in a significant way. Our desire to deliver leading architectural projects is at the heart of everything we do.

Sustainable development, building longevity, and relevance to community narratives are some of the important factors we carefully consider in many stages from conception to construction.

Today, the DevMcGill brand is a respected seal of quality, well-known in the four corners of the city, and the remarkable architecture of our innovative projects  has earned much attention.  We sincerely thank all our clients for the trust they have placed in us.

Our values

At DevMcGill our values inform who we are and how we work. Respect, passion, commitment, excellence, and innovation — these are the principles that guide us. They underpin our every action and decision, nurturing optimal relationships with employees, customers and suppliers alike.


We treat all employees, clients and business partners with utmost respect. We ensure that deadlines are met, we comply with allocated budgets, and we work closely with clients to meet their needs and goals. Social responsibility is key and whenever possible we aim to make eco-friendly buildings that integrate sustainability and energy efficiency into the overall design.


For 20 years our team has been inspired by the audacious vision of our CEO and founder — and his tireless commitment to creating architecture that is both original and wonderfully liveable. DevMcGill aims to transform city living, while making its own distinct mark on the urban landscape. Our team is distinguished by a degree of expertise, dedication, and intellectual curiosity that makes us leaders in Montreal real estate. This contagious passion infuses all our work and professional relationships.


We are 100% committed to improving cities by providing unusual and unique living spaces that are perfectly tuned to contemporary urban lifestyles. We take pride in revitalizing neighbourhoods in a way that both enhances existing architectural legacy and advances sustainable development. DevMcGill pledges to support the professional development and success of its employees in an atmosphere of mutual trust, and to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.


We have received more than 15 prizes and honours since 1998 — just one measure of our expertise and our ability to attract the most gifted professionals in the field. We are guided by the highest standards and have demonstrated an ability to identify the most appropriate locations and promising concepts. Every detail counts for us, and year after year, we master the art of creating living spaces — whether contemporary, classic or cutting edge — that make bold and original architectural statements. We strive to surpass ourselves on a daily basis.


Innovation is at the forefront of our corporate culture. With our eye on the future, we embrace change and push boundaries, dedicating ample time to research and development. We travel the globe in search of hybrid new concepts -– innovative models of urban living that promote wellbeing.

Environmental responsibility

As a real estate developer, we are well aware of our responsibilities towards future generations. That’s why respect for the environment is at the core of our corporate values. We build to last… and to have a positive impact on the neighbourhoods and cities we develop.

At DevMcGill, being eco-friendly means being creative. It challenges us to find the best solutions to combine luxury, design, comfort, innovation and sustainability with energy efficiency. It’s about making the right choice – it’s about choosing local materials, water- and energy-saving products, partners that share our green vision, heat islands reducing concepts, landscaping prioritizing native plants, easily accessible locations with a high walk and bike score, or choosing to add special storage space to promote a car free lifestyle.

Each new project is designed with a holistic approach – and our LEED, Environmental and Energy Efficiency award-winning firm has been recognized for it.



  • I was very pleased with the service received from DevMcGill’s Customer Service Manager, Kim Nguyen. I was able to meet her to discuss corrections for my purchase. I thank her for her service and for her diligence in our communications. Thank you!

    Giovanna Antonico

  • Since the beginning of the construction of Castelnau condominium project, my spouse was insisting on living there but I was not ready to sell and leave our house for a condo. When Phase III was unveiled in 2014, I finally agreed to my spouse’s wishes while telling myself that I only had two and a half years left before our unit’s delivery.

    Pierre Choquette

    Castelnau Phase III
  • For two and a half years, we have been living at Castelnau and we do not regret our purchase! What we like most about our condo is the concrete construction, the view on the park, and the access to the landscaped areas and the fountain from the outside.

    Jean-Jacques Taoko and Mélanie Gauvreau

    Castelnau Phase II
  • I cannot imagine a condominium project I would rather be in than the Beaumont. I wanted a new condominium with modern designs and the feeling of new. I also wanted to be in NDG. This is the only project of its kind in the community and I believe it will remain so for a long time. That feeling of being one of a kind in NDG excites me because Beaumont is not just one of a hundred projects in the city centre in Griffintown! Unique, special, and even a landmark in the community for generations to come.

    Brian Wilde



Talent, passion and teamwork.

In our family, leadership is seen as a collective effort at every level. As a result, the team is on a continuous mission to generate fascinating ideas and seeing them transform into a reality. Our passion and success fuels our enthusiasm on a daily basis.

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