An unexpected second chance for 14 containers

Deviating from their original path and their initial meaning, 14 containers are settling into their new surrounding in what will be, for the next months, the sales office (located at 65, Castelnau West) of the new ATELIERS CASTELNAU housing project in the Mile-Ex neighbourhood.

This project, developed on the location that once housed the Institution des sourds-muets, hopes to honor this historical site. By choosing these containers, the Gauvreau Design team, designers of the sales office, ensured a direct correlation with the material. Their modest and functional shape and garb, clearly refer to a time when manual labour and the practical aspect of an object were privileged.


A quadrangle sculpture

The containers’ assembly expands two stories in an oblong shape; vertically, also two stories high, on the south-west corner stands an industrial era chimney. To create a homogeneous look and incorporate sculpture into the already existent urban development, the outside has been painted charcoal grey.

A past reflected in the future

Inside, everything is in place to recall a time when creativity was in the forefront. Guests are welcomed at a multifunctional rustic metal counter. Plans and mock-ups are laid out on old-fashioned Lino-typography tables, while visually, the old workshops and printers that once inhabited this site, are evoked. Kraft paper rolls, particleboard panels and industrial lamps set the tone for this unprecedented project.

Maximize living space

Adjacent to the sales office is located a 754-square foot model unit. This unit, with its detailed design, offers two bedrooms and optimum living space. The furniture, meticulously selected, also reflects industrial era shops. The finishing touches are welcoming and immerse you even deeper into this past time.

Ateliers Castelnau Project

Located at the border of Mile-End and Park-Extension neighborhood, the project Ateliers Castelnau is a more than 300 condominium project distributed in five phases. Designed by the renowned architects Provencher_Roy, Ateliers Castelnau is getting strong interest. Come and see for yourself.

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