Areas To Discover In Montreal’s Mile-End

Montreal’s Mile-End is among the city’s most culturally significant areas, especially among the Anglophone community. Huge bands like Arcade Fire have their roots in the area, while one of the city’s greatest writers, Mordecai Richler, chronicled his coming of age in this community in some of his most important books.

Over the years, Mile-End’s popularity has only increased, with it routinely voted the city’s best neighbourhood in the popular “Best of Montreal” list, first published in the Montreal Mirror, before moving online to Cult MTL (it topped the list in both 2017 and 2016).

Here are just a few of the places that make Mile-End such a vital part of the community.


Mile-End’s numerous eateries rank as some of the best-known in the city. One such place is Wilensky (formerly Wilensky’s Light Lunch), which has been open since 1932 and is still famous for their kosher grilled sandwiches. Another absolute classic is Le Nouveau Palais, which has been around since 1960 and offers-up an inimitable classic diner atmosphere, which is just the right mix between kitsch and cool.

If you want to try something really off the beaten path, while also getting a bit of a history lesson, the Mile-End Food Tour is one to try. Sign up and join this walking tour, which includes bites at six essential tasting spots, including the world famous St. Viateur Bagel and arguably the city’s most popular Vegan spot, La Panthère Verte.


Mile-End is known for its variety of essential shops. This includes Drawn & Quarterly, the flagship store of Canada’s most successful Comics publisher, and a treasure trove of alternative and underground comics from the world over. No matter what you’re looking for, Mile-End has it, from trendy thrift shops like Local 23 to Mile-End Kicks for shoes, Jeans Jeans Jeans for…you guessed it – jeans, and Phonopolis, one of the city’s thriving independent music shops.


If live music is one of your passions, Mile-End shares one of the city’s most iconic venues with The Plateau (it borders on both) with Casa del Popolo, a famous spot where a lot of the biggest acts out of Montreal’s indie rock scene got their start, like The Arcade Fire and Mouldy Peaches. They played here before they were famous!


If you really want to sample what makes Mile-End such a beloved part of Montreal, you need to fully explore two of the main streets, Fairmont and Bernard. Both are wall-to-wall with historical spots like Fairmont Bagels, and the hippest, coolest new restaurants and shops. Walk along these streets and mingle with the cool residents and experience what it’s like to be a part of such a thriving community.


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