Ateliers Castelnau: Off to a great start!

On Thursday March 23rd, the sale’s office for the condominium project Ateliers Castelnau was inaugurated with great success. Hosted by Marie-Soleil Michon, the event drew numerous people. Journalists, elected municipal officials, architecture aficionados, potential buyers, members of the DevMcgill team and its business partner TGTA. All seemed to enjoy how unusual of a concept this was thanks to Gauvreau Design.

Indeed, a dozen containers, skilfully assembled, allowed the layout of the space to convey an original and warm atmosphere, perfect to greet a model condo. Providing all the latest finishes and the most recent trends, the unit is designed to please people’s state-of-the-art expectations. Many seemed to want to settle right on the spot.

Located at the border of Mile-End and Park-Extension neighborhood, the project Ateliers Castelnau takes advantage of the reminiscence of the past to pay tribute to the craftsman who used to learn many trades. Shoemaking, carpentry, printing, forging and painting were among some of the practiced trades. Workshops were offered back then at the Beaux-Arts style building located right there on St-Laurent boulevard.

Recalling part of urban history, the Ateliers Castelnau project endorses a social responsibility by the quality of its construction and the materials it uses. This 308 condominiums project distributed on five phases is respectful of the neighborhood dynamic and aims to enhance the strong vibe that already exists.

Ateliers Castelnau is echoing the industrial history of the sector and celebrates its heritage through its own concept. Designed by the renowned architects Provencher_Roy, Ateliers Castelnau is getting strong interest. Come and see for yourself.

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