Ateliers Castelnau’s Marché Créatif of April 28 Has Been Another Tremendous Success!

Once again, many Montrealers, numbering more than 350, have taken part in the Marché créatif which was set up as a link to the Ateliers Castelnau residential project, both of which celebrate the creativity of local craftspeople.


Some twenty carefully selected participants were given the opportunity to present their products to a public seeking original creations, organic goods and other meticulously created local craftwork.

As she has done in the past, hostess Marie-Soleil Michon, a lover of real estate and of Quebec-made handicrafts, has accepted to support Ateliers Castelnau’s Marché créatif and has participated in the event.

Join us when we repeat this event on Saturday, August 18, from noon to 5 p.m. There should be other great creations to surprise you.


The Ateliers Castelnau Project

Located in the heart of Mile-Ex, the Ateliers Castelnau project will consist of over 300 condominium units built over four phases.  The project is partly rooted in the area’s history, as a salute to the craftspeople who used to learn their trade in a building of Montreal’s Institute for the Deaf and Mute which has been reconverted and will serve as the development’s phase 4.

Ateliers Castelnau offers modern, practical and inspiring living space. It is highly sought-after. At 97%, the first phase is almost sold out while reservations for the second phase have already reached the halfway mark.


Ateliers Castelnau

65 Castelnau street W.

Montreal, QC H2R 2W3

+1 514 900-2290


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