Baby Boomers: Coming back to live downtown – in condos!

People buying condos in Montréal are not always the young “in” folks we see in the ads. Often, they are 50 and up, representing key new players in city living.

In Old Montréal and elsewhere downtown, whether we are talking about lofts or traditional condos, many clients of the real estate industry are couples or singles already retired or about to make this transition.

Several factors account for the attraction, from the perspective of the half-century generation, of condo urban life in Montréal.

Suburban living no longer meets their needs. Recreation activities focusing on young families, neighbourhoods deserted from 9 to 5: suburban baby boomers are simply bored.

In fact, new needs are being felt by people aging in the 21st century. Those who reach their 55th birthday (or more) nowadays are still fully active in sports, recreation, travel and the world of work. Baby boomers can look forward to another 20 years or so of active existence, and they are planning to make the most of this time of their life with a condo in Montréal.

Services nearby: live entertainment venues, boutiques, hospitals, restaurants, movie theatres: if you live in a suburb they can be reached only by automobile, but these amenities are within walking distance downtown – a big plus for baby boomers ready to move there.

An active social life. Single, widowed or divorced baby boomers living alone often move back downtown to end their isolation, socialize and create a new network of friends.

Conclusion: for this generation of Canadians in the mood to say goodbye to the swimming pool, the lawn mower and all the maintenance associated with a house that became too big for them after the children left home, life begins at 50 – or later!

And to meet the needs of this demanding and fairly well-heeled clientele, there are lots of contemporary style real estate projects and apartments!

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