The Benefits Of Living In A Condo in the Winter

Montreal winters may be long and unpredictable but living in a condo can facilitate some of the disadvantages of this charming but volatile season. Today we’re going to discuss the benefits of living in a condo during the winter and the reasons you should explore what DevMcGill’s newest projects have to offer.  

No Need To Shovel The Snow

One of the perks of living in a condo is that you don’t need to shovel the outdoor walkway after those pesky snowstorms that plague Montreal. Your condo fees typically pay for a third-party snow removal company to do this task whenever needed, meaning you never have to spend time digging yourself out of your own home. Condo fees also help cover other maintenance costs and contribute to the emergency reserve fund – in case the building needs a last-minute repair.

Underground Parking

Keeping with the theme of avoiding snow removal, most modern condo buildings in Montreal are equipped with underground parking facilities. This means you’ll never have to worry about scraping the ice off the car in minus 30-degree weather!  

Some condo owners even take advantage of the underground facilities and use it to change and store their summer and winter tires to save a bit of cash throughout the year. The Ateliers Castelnau project in the Mile-Ex is equipped with underground parking and even a space to store your bike! It’s perfect considering it’s difficult to find aboveground parking in the area.

Heat Insulation

Nowadays, most condos provide excellent heat insulation throughout the winter compared to a traditional detached home in the suburbs. The reason is that most condo buildings are made from cement or concrete, which traps the heat and prevents it from dissipating.

If you’re moving into your condo and have the chance to request certain furnishings, opt for carpet or hardwood floor, which promotes insulation. This tactic can help you save on your overall hydro bill, especially during the cold, bitter months like January and February.

Sense of Community

In reality, winter can be an isolating experience for many Montrealers – especially in a detached home. You run from the driveway to the doorway, never see your neighbours, and barely get a glimpse of sunlight. But on the flipside, a condo lifestyle provides an alternative solution where owners can feel like they’re a part of a larger community.

For example, in the NOCA condos in Griffintown, there are multiple common spaces including a gym called Le FIT, which is the perfect place to chat up your neighbour and create a friendship. There’s even an entertainment area called Le SPACE, equipped with a kitchen, couches, and a large television screen.


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