• Elevators
  • BBQ
  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Owner's lounge
  • Roof terrace
888 Rue Wellington, Montreal, QC, Canada


Highly Inspired

Main Features

  • Modern 21-story construction
  • High-end condos in Old Port
  • Exclusive areas with panoramic views, including gym, spa and pool
  • Perfectly located on the edge of Griffintown, in Old Montreal
  • Uniquely designed interior courtyard with beautiful landscaping that evolves with the seasons
  • Refined corridors, inspired by the chic boutique hotels of New York
  • Quiet, eco-friendly elevators
  • Impressive lobby with nearly 13-foot ceilings and a wall of windows overlooking the interior courtyard
  • Two levels of underground parking
  • Storage lockers


The best of both worlds

Old Montreal/Downtown and the Neighbourhood of the future

M9-4 offers you the best of both worlds: on the one hand, the tranquility of recreational areas along the river. On the other, the lively city atmosphere offered up within the borders of McGill Street, Old Montreal and downtown.

The Bonaventure Expressway Project

The City of Montreal is investing more than $200 million to revitalize the area surrounding M9. The Bonaventure Expressway will soon be transformed into a park and urban boulevard back down at ground level. The result will be a prestigious entry point for the city. The north and southbound directions of the boulevard will be separated by green spaces and a few buildings. Furthermore, $750 million will be invested in Silo number 5 in order to create magnificent public areas along the banks of the Lachine Canal., right near the M9 project.