Bye bye trailer!

The street trailer, which is not a trailer, but a temporary sales office, will soon be moved.

DevMcGill is finalizing the launch of its 23rd real estate project located on the banks of the Lachine Canal in Griffintown. With more then 19 years in the business, the real estate developer is working feverishly to obtain the permits to build a sales office that will reflect the magnitude of this project that will revere this exceptional piece of land.

Lease of nearby land

The City of Montréal granted DevMcGill the right to build its sales office North of Basin street, adjacent to the playground next to the Bassins du Havre community housing project. The lease was signed and construction began. Then, a cease construction order was given because the Sud-Ouest borough does not allow sales offices to be erected on its territory! It appears that all the sales offices in Griffintown would, in fact, be illegal.

Temporary solution

The borough suggested that DevMcGill request an “occupation of a public space” permit to install a trailer temporarily. This trailer is a way to uphold the project’s launch and deadline commitments. No one is happy about it, but the borough cannot provide an estimate of how long it would take to change the law and zoning requirements, or when sales offices could be installed or built on their territory. The trailer, nothing to be proud of, is now parked temporarily on Basin street. The team is avidly working to beautify the trailer and to make the vision come true regardless of this less than ideal location.

A wandering trailer

Suddenly, on April 26th, the city informs DevMcGill that the trailer can be installed on the company’s future real estate project site just South of Basin. The trailer is quickly moved; relief and happiness abound! Cyclists, pedestrians and drivers have recovered their street, while buyers, onlookers and employees can have access to the trailer without hindering the neighbourhood’s serenity.

And what if this said trailer disappeared?

Meanwhile, work has resumed at the sales offices’ official site on the North side of Basin street. Workers are completing the structure and things are progressing well now that all permits have been obtained… Keeping this in mind, it is not absurd to think that within eight weeks, all traces of the trailer will be gone and DevMcGill’s new NOCA project sales offices will have people who are searching for a beautiful getaway on the banks of the Lachine Canal, minutes from the charm and lures of the city… imagining what could be…

This trailer certainly caused havoc for everyone from the DevMcGill team to the neighbourhood residents. All we can do is try to forget it… Soon, we will happily welcome you to the new NOCA sales offices. Come meet your new neighbours and their condo development.

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