Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary With ArtHaus

On July 1st, 2017, all eyes were on the nation’s capital, as a massive celebration was underway marking Canada’s milestone 150th birthday. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flocked to Parliament Hill to watch a live concert, followed by a firework display, and a speech by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

DevMcGill was proud to witness the festivities from the new ArtHaus project, which is located right in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core. Today, we’re discussing Canada’s monumental 150th anniversary and how Ottawa’s now home to some of the most luxurious condos in the country.


The Celebrations

An interesting mix of Canadians and tourists gathered on Parliament Hill on a rather damp Saturday afternoon to watch a spectacular live concert that was broadcasted on all the major networks. The crowd went wild for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, especially when he took the stage and delivered an inspiring speech regarding Canada’s past, present, and future. Revellers were also intrigued to see Prince Charles give a rousing speech about our country’s connection to Britain and even said a few phrases in French.


It’s also important to mention that celebrations have been going on all year long across the nation. These festivities include MosaïCanada in Gatineau, the Grey Cup in the new Lansdowne stadium in Ottawa, the International Animation Festival, and the festival of lights from Upper Canada Village.

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Ottawa’s Emergence

For several years, many Canadians regarded Ottawa as a sleepy bureaucratic town that was relatively boring. But over the last 15 years, the city has undergone a stark transformation by establishing an active arts scene. Several galleries have opened, attracting international artists to showcase their unique talent. Also, major attractions such as the Canadian Museum of Nature and the National Gallery of Ottawa have been renovated, creating new and exciting spaces that appeal to the public.


This artistic renaissance has also trickled into the world of real estate, as new developments are constantly being constructed. According to a recent report by CBC News, Ottawa housing values increased by nearly nine per cent from June 2016 to June 2017. This is in sharp contrast to the decrease in housing values in the Toronto market, which means the housing bubble in that city has finally burst.

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ArtHaus Condos

This leads us to the topic of DevMcGill’s latest condo construction project in Ottawa called ArtHaus. This building is situated on Daly Avenue, which is right across from the ByWard Market. This district houses Ottawa’s finest restaurants, bars, and nightlife, so you’ll often spot politicians catching a quick bite to eat when Parliament is in session. Barack Obama even visited a bakery in the neighbourhood back in 2009 called Le Moulin de Provence and had a cookie named after him.


The ArtHaus project is also situated on top of the Le Germain hotel, and next to it lays a structure belonging to the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Art Gallery, which features world-renowned art collections. This development is clearly going to be a massive hit and completely revolutionize the real estate market. If you’re interested in purchasing a unit, call 613-909-3223, visit the sales office at 264 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5Y2, or visit arthauscondos.com.



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