Check Out These Four Trendy Coffee Shops in Rosemont

Who doesn’t love spending the day sipping on a fine cup of coffee with friends, preferably in a cozy atmosphere that’s a little different than what you’d get at a corporate chain? If you’re considering a move to Rosemont, I have good news for you; the café scene is top-shelf. Here’s a list of some of the area’s most trendy coffee shops, all of which will have you coming back again and again.

Café Hublot lists Café Hublot as the best coffee shop in Rosemont, explaining it’s the amazing, home-made pastries that give it that distinction. They have everything you’d want from a local shop, with beans that come from Montreal micro-roaster Kittel, plus bagels from St. Viateur, and brunch on the weekends. Plus – free Wi-Fi if you’re looking to get a little work done in a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

Café Dei Campi

This charming, Italian café is a top-pick for its vegan options, with popular doughnuts and even vegan cannoli, although there are also dairy options if you just can’t live without milk or cream in your coffee. There’s also focaccias, sandwiches, calzones and more if you find yourself in the mood for a bite. Plus, they have a terrace that’s open in the summer.

Café Odessa

Get a taste of the west coast with Café Odessa, which hails from owners out of B.C. It boasts a much-admired nautical theme, which, according to the Gazette, is a reference to the place it’s named after – Odessa – Ukraine’s largest port city. Coffee is serious business here, with beans from Pilot Coffee Roasters out of Toronto, plus local baked goods.

Café Lézard

Not only can you get yourself a drop-dead delicious cup of coffee at Café Lézard, but it also has a great menu of small plates, burritos, panini’s and more, making this a great idea for brunch, lunch or dinner. Unlike other cafés on this list, they’re open in the evening, with live jazz too. If you’d rather have a nice cold beer or a glass of wine with your jazz, they have a liquor license too.

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