Cogir Real Estate Projects | DÉCORHOMME at the ODEA Montreal sales office

Great success for the launch of the latest issue of DÉCORHOMME magazine at the Odea Montreal sales office.

The publishing team of DÉCORHOMME and FUGUES magazines, in collaboration with Cogir Real Estate, launched the fall-winter issue of the latest DÉCORHOMME magazine on October 18th at the Odea Montreal real estate project’s sales office.

With a focus on design and architecture, DÉCORHOMME took the perfect opportunity to introduce its readers to the bold and contemporary real estate projects offered by Cogir Real Estate.

Réal Lefebvre (Account Director), Yves Lafontaine (Magazine Director), Tina Dostie (Vice President Sales, Marketing and Client Service – Cogir Real Estate)

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In addition to the remarkable ODEA Montreal (Old Montreal), built in collaboration with Cree community leaders, the Cogir Real Estate booklet includes other current projects that correspond to the lifestyles of different clienteles. Imperia Condominiums (Quartier des spectacles), Le Newman (LaSalle/Angrignon), Tak Village and its townhouses (Angus-Rosemont), Ateliers Héritage (Mile-Ex) and Alvéo Mirabel all offer, in their own way, a contemporary art of living and an anchoring in tune with their respective neighborhoods.

Alvéo (Mirabel)

Ateliers Héritage (Mile-EX, Montréal)

Imperia (Quartier des Spectacles, Montréal)

LeNewman (LaSalle-Angrignon, Montréal)

ODEA (Vieux-Montréal)

Tak Village (Rosemont-Angus, Montréal)

Tina Dostie
Vice President sales, marketing and client service
Cogir Real Estate


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