Cogir Real Estate’s Development and Construction division, which DevMcGill is a part of, has a new home!

Since its 2018 acquisition by Cogir Real Estate, DevMcGill has become part of the new entity called Cogir Development and Construction, resulting from the merger of Cogir Construction and DevMcGill. With its high-quality brand image, DevMcGill has therefore become the condominium marketing banner.

After over 20 years in its McGill street office building, and several office expansions, DevMcGill, as part of Cogir Real Estate’s Development and Construction division, has packed up its boxes and now has the honour of residing in the prestigious Humaniti complex, as of September 8th.

This consolidation, with its increased resources, will make the team more efficient and impactful. Customer service will also be enhanced, and we will always be there to help you and answer your questions.

Cogir Real Estate’s senior management and the entire construction and development team will be brought together at:

Humaniti Montreal, 385 Viger Avenue West, Suite 200, Montreal, QC H2Z 0C2

Telephone : 514 819-2255






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