Commercial space and Montreal: Locating to serve a quality clientele

As the numbers of residents and workers rise, Old Montreal has become the ideal place to set up a neighbourhood service or business. If you’re thinking about establishing a business, what are you waiting for?

Redevelopment of this neighbourhood, launched by creation of the Multimédia District a decade ago, is now continuing with many high-end residential projects, such as the M9 project, 777 Gosford Street and Orléans, steps from the Notre-Dame Basilica, that offer an affluent clientèle a wide choice of top-of-the-line modern apartments.

All the experts will tell you that – as the Americans say – location, location, location is key to the success of any service or retail business. Old Montreal has many real estate and condo projects and people moving into the area need these businesses.
And what do the new residents of this fast-growing district want? Services, amenities, in a word businesses that meet their needs. Furthermore, there are workers and business people in leading-edge industries – communications, media, advertising, design, new technologies – photographers’ studios, production and movie companies that all help to make Old Montreal the place to be in the 2010s.

At the same time, all of the businesses now investing in this district – retailers of all kinds, food and neighbourhood businesses, convenience stores and other service businesses – will be in the forefront of this district that is still taking shape.

Given the impending transformation of the Bonaventure Expressway into an urban boulevard, with the initial phase announced in June 2009 (a project as large as the Quartier international de Montreal), and the redevelopment of the Brennan, Duke and Wellington streets, opportunities are abound for many types of businesses and companies.

Opting to do business in this new district will provide you with a strong basis for success. Your imagination and business smarts will do the rest!

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