Croissants and Desserts … Taste Buds Rejoice!

Spruce up your morning routine with delicious croissants or top off a savoury dinner with mouthwatering desserts from local bakeries. Griffintown is booming, both commercially and in the kitchen. Let’s discover some of its special destinations.

Le Richmond Marché Italien

This little market next to The Richmond restaurant is the perfect place to stock up on Italian delicacies and enjoy a delicious croissant and coffee in a friendly environment offering a view on the canal. It’s also the perfect market for future residents of the NOCA project located mere steps away.

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Patrice Pâtissier

This bakery was created by famous pastry chef Patrice Demers. You’ll find a wide variety of single-portion or full-sized desserts that are made fresh throughout the day. Indulge in the famous cream puff, Bahibe chocolate, or caramel and banana. You won’t be able to resist. Promise!

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Regal Matinal

This bakery has a game-changing service offer that makes it a truly unique destination. Would you like to have freshly baked pastries delivered straight to your doorstep? If so, discover Regal Matinal. Each morning, bakers travel around the city delivering freshly baked bread and pastries. Sink your teeth into their raspberry-cocoa croissant. You are sure to fall in love. Discover their services and delivery zones on their website.

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Our NOCA project, located in Griffintown West, is surrounded by these little delights and much more. Visit our website to discover all there is to know about our project and keep reading to learn more about the neighbourhood.

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