Decorating Ideas: Montreal Illustrators

You are finished decorating. But there is missing that little something that will bring it all together and take it to the next level. Several Montreal artists create unique and colourful art that will breathe new life into your condo. Find inspiration in the pieces of these talented illustrators, who are but three of a wide array of local artists.

Marie-Claude Marquis (MC Marquis)

This visual artist meddles both in graphic design and the visual arts, and draws inspiration from memories, nostalgia, the Quebec identity, pop culture and her own emotions. She loves taking old objects and giving them new meaning, new life. Visit her website to view her entire collection.

Source: Facebook

Lili Graffiti

Lili Graffiti is a Montreal brand that creates colourful decorative art and accessories. Marie-Laure Plano, with her training in graphic art, works her magic to bring life to pieces inspired by her travels, by Montreal and by her fertile creative mind. To discover the brand and get hold of one of her original pieces, visit her website.

Source: Site web

Joannie Houle

This Montreal painter and illustrator has an Etsy shop where you will find art prints and calendars, each more colourful and trendy than the last. She also performs custom work. Discover the artist and her shop.

Source: Etsy

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