Decorating with old furnitures

Reusing old  furnitures and accessories is a great way to reduce your ecological footprint and decorate according to your tastes at lower cost. Unlike furnitures bought in boutiques, the old one can be modified and adapted according to your desires and needs.

As you probably know, the week after the moving day, you can find a lot of old furnitures and accessories in the streets. Plus, in the summer, garage sales take place in Montreal and little treasures are now available at low cost.

Looking for a dresser of a certain color that will complete your bedroom decor? Looking for a coffee table with a retro look, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on it? Looking for a bookshelf that stands out to expose all the good books you’ve accumulated over the years? With a little patience and a lot of motivation, you might be able to find everything you search. It could even become your new project!

During the summer, feel free to walk in the streets of your neighborhood, you might find the best dresser that will embellish the decor of your condo! Here are some inspiring ideas found on the Internet:

Repeindre une vieille chaise par Deconome
Repeindre une vieille chaise par Déconome
Nightstand Table Makeover by A Beautiful Mess
Nightstand Table Makeover by A Beautiful Mess
A bookshelf by Oh My Dear
A bookshelf by Oh My Dear

Feel free to follow a few blogs, you might be inspired for your future design projects. Have fun!

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