DevMcGill | Back from vacation already?

Plan another project to make this state of grace last!

Did you take full advantage of a schedule as flexible as Dali’s watches? You got up at odd hours and did not follow the program you had proposed? Excellent, you come back to work well rested with your batteries recharged.

So, protect yourself from any post-holiday syndrome that might make you irritable, and plan now for other escapes or even a pleasant project, like buying a condo or a townhouse! Each of our projects offers its own advantages and all can benefit from a guaranteed locked-in interest rate.

ODEA Montreal (Old Montreal), Tak Village (Rosemont-Angus), Imperia Condominiums (Quartier des spectacles), Ateliers Héritage (Mile-Ex), Le Newman (LaSalle-Angrignon) or Alvéo (Mirabel), each project offers unique advantages but all of them allow buyers to benefit from a guaranteed locked-in interest rate.

Take full advantage of the fact that we are still in summer and come meet our representatives in a relaxed setting at the site of our many ongoing projects. You will be able to get away from the daily grind and create a new life that is largely free of the blues.

Alvéo (Mirabel)

Ateliers Héritage (Mile-EX, Montréal)

Imperia (Quartier des Spectacles, Montréal)

LeNewman (LaSalle-Angrignon, Montréal)

ODEA (Vieux-Montréal)

Tak Village (Rosemont-Angus, Montréal)

Tina Dostie
Vice President sales, marketing and client service
Cogir Real Estate Development and Construction


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