Discover The Best Restaurants And Cafes In The Mile-Ex Area

The Mile-Ex area is one of the most attractive and fascinating urban villages within Montreal. As an emerging neighbourhood, it is inhabited by a new generation of artists and young individuals, profiting from its proximity to Little Italy, the Plateau Mont-Royal, and the Mile-End district.

As an emerging neighbourhood, a lot of people don’t realize the district has a lot of great restaurants and cafes that have sprawling terraces during the summer months. So here are three charming places that feature the best terraces in the Mile-Ex area.


Manitoba: Wild flavours

Have you ever tried seal? What about dishes that feature scallops, arctic char, juniper berries, and Labrador tea? Well, venture to Manitoba restaurant to sample unique ingredients that embody the “cuisine of the territory.”

The name of the restaurant evokes the great outdoors. The gourmet adventure transports you to the middle of the forest for a delicious feast. The terrace of Manitoba is at the back of the restaurant, and it’s rather small but superb. So arrive early, it’s first come first serve!

Dépanneur Le Pick-Up

Without a doubt, this is a classic spot in the Mile-Ex area. According to CULT Magazine, this snack shop offers the best sandwiches in Montreal. The terrace is tiny but charming, and it feels like you’re having a quaint lunch with your buddies on a few picnic tables. We recommend trying the pork sandwich, or if you’re a vegetarian, get the beetroot option that comes with marinated fennel and sesame sauce!


This option is a little different because it’s a cute cafe! Serving some of the best coffee in the city, you can even rent games during the summer months and head to Jarry Park for a bit of fun in the sun. They also have a cart in the park during this time that sells desserts and sandwiches, which is perfect for a picnic! Back at the cafe, there are more snacks on the menu.

A Word About The Mile-Ex

To top off our list, we have to mention the Mile-Ex restaurant on Rue Jeanne-Mance. If the terrace is full, head inside and have chef Gregory create a fantastic (and generous) seafood dish to satisfy your taste buds. If you’re thinking about buying a property in the Mile-Ex area, check out the Ateliers Castelnau project or call 514-900-2290 and purchase a condo before it’s too late.




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