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Over the last five years, the real estate market in Griffintown has exploded exponentially, attracting buyers from around the world to live in this unique and eclectic neighbourhood. But what’s so special about Griffintown? Well, today we’re breaking down why it’s such an attractive area for prospective condo owners.


  • Location

Realtors will always tell you that location is the single most important factor when purchasing property, and people will pay a lot of money just to be near the action.


Situated to the southwest, Griffintown lies in the shadow of downtown Montreal, meaning it’s extremely close to the city centre. Several students and business professionals choose to live here simply because of the proximity to their office or university.


If you take a look at Google Maps, you can immediately see it takes only 10 minutes via car or bike to reach the downtown core, or another 20 minutes if you prefer to use public transport. There is no other neighbourhood in the city that offers a unique urban vibe and is this close to the metropolis.

Discover Griffintown

  • History

The neighbourhood has a rich history dating back to the 19th century when Canada was merely a British colony. Throughout the 1800s, Griffintown became a refuge for Irish immigrants coming to North America, and you can still see many street and building names that indicate a strong Irish past.


Throughout the 1900s, the area transformed and became heavily industrialized and factories dotted the landscape. Today, many construction projects have gutted these abandoned warehouses and factories, transforming them into brand new condos.


This old history provides Griffintown with a rustic and unique feel, and as you walk through the area, you can sense this place was once an important industrial hub.


griffintown history

  • Modern Attractions

As a by-product of the gentrification process, several trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars have opened across the neighbourhood, drawing in food critics and enthusiasts from across the city.


We highly recommend trying Grinder, a restaurant located in the heart of Griffintown. This restaurant features some of the best steak and cocktails and on a Friday or Saturday night, the place is always packed to the brim. We also recommend trying their pouding chômeur, which is a classic French Canadian dish that incorporates soft, fluffy cake with some savoury maple syrup.


There’s also a restaurant called Le Richmond, which provides a culinary adventure that combines Northern Italian flavours with a beautiful ambiance. This restaurant is the perfect place to bring a date or a have a meaningful dinner with your family and friends.


There’s no denying Griffintown is an up-and-coming neighbourhood that attracts young professionals from the city and abroad. If you’re interested in moving to this area, check out DevMcGill’s new project called NOCA, which offers some stunning condo options in Griffintown.

Discover Griffintown


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