Discover Hygge With The TAK Village Project In Rosemont

Did you know that hygge (pronounced hu-guê) is the secret to happiness in Denmark? This word can’t be translated into English, but it’s essentially a lifestyle code that promotes positive living.

According to the World Happiness Report, the Danes along with Finland and Norway came out on top out of a 150-nation survey measuring individual happiness. Researchers believe the Danish secret is simple: happiness can be sustained in tiny doses, which contributes to an overall happy life.

A Global Movement

Hygge has inspired creative architects and designers across the globe. In Rosemont, for example, the TAK Village project has teamed up with the Danish house BoConcept to create furniture that features clean lines that emulate the Scandinavian movement. In this unique residential project, everything is well thought-out so you can enjoy the good times with your family and friends.

A Comfortable Home

In Swedish, the word TAK means roof, symbolizing the importance of creating a home. TAK Village represents this concept, boasting 250 units that feature a mix of townhouses, triplexes, and condos.

The project will be developed in a series of phases, and the first phase currently under construction. Once it’s completed, it’ll feature a combination of studios and traditional condos. The one and two-bedroom units are called the Boras condos, and these will showcase a traditional Scandinavian layout that aligns with the hygge movement. So don’t miss your chance to be a part of this one-of-a-kind project in Montreal.


A New Community Created In Rosemont

The TAK Village project takes urban living to another level. Situated in the heart of Rosemont-Angus, the development is close to the Plateau Mont-Royal, Old Rosemont, and the iconic shops and restaurants of Rue Masson.

Discover Hygge with the Tak Village Project


It’s more than just a residential project; it’s designed to create a green, peaceful, and unifying development in a family-friendly neighbourhood. Located on 2nd Avenue near Boulevard St. Joseph, TAK Village marks a new era in the property realm here in Montreal. Discover the project at and call 514-900-3434 for more information.








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