Discover Why Mile-Ex Is Becoming Montreal’s #1 Place To Live

Mile-Ex is Montreal’s best kept secret, but not for long. Previously an industrial sector, former Mile-End residents, sick of the borough’s rising rent, migrated to the area between Parc Avenue and Clark Street and created a neighborhood of their own. Taking its name due to the proximity to the Mile End and Parc-Extension, the Mile-Ex has become the hottest neighborhood in town and is widely considered one of Montreal’s nicest places to live. Here are just a few of the many reasons why:


Being a new neighborhood, there’s a certain amount of ownership the residents feel, giving it a unique vibe that distinguishes it from other places. Known for its block parties and shows, people here are generally laid-back and friendly, giving it a sense of community that’s not unlike some of the trendier parts of New York City, such as Williamsburg in Brooklyn, a place this is often compared to. The trendy vibe extends to their DIY boutiques, such as DOMO, where you can buy vintage Montreal artifacts dating back to Expo ’67 and beyond. If you’re looking for a little culture, the Never Apart gallery offers a diverse line-up of expositions, events screenings and more.


People from all over the city flock to Mile-Ex to take in some of the best restaurants the city has to offer. Restaurant Mile-Ex has become a local fixture, featuring elevated street food, ranging from squid roll merguez to crab fritters and poutine. Dinette Triple Crown is another must, with it already famous for its fried chicken and picnic-basket packed lunches. Also make sure to check out Dépanneur Le Pick Up, which is a combination of your typical Quebec corner store, mixed-in with a retro lunch counter serving up the best sandwiches in the city.


As far as local bars go, Mile-Ex has a bunch of really good ones. Alexandraplatz is arguably the most famous, modeled after classic German beer gardens, and is known to host amazing events and outdoor festivals. Bar Le “Ritz” PDB is another favorite, with its cozy back area serving as a music venue. They also host tons of film screenings here, usually based on a theme, such as their classic “Drunken Cinema” program, where customers play drinking games while watching such delectably cheesy fare as eighties action and horror movies.


One of the great things about Mile-Ex is that as cool as it is to hang out, you’re not really far from any of the other boroughs with easy access to downtown thanks to the metro. Little Italy, the Plateau, Parc-Ex, and Rosemont are just a few blocks from here, so their best spots, like the Jean Talon Market or the museum district are all within walking distance.

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