Dress your Condo in 2017’s Hottest Design Trends

As enthusiasts of innovative design, ArtHaus Condos looks forward into the year ahead to share the 2017’s interior forecast. With the new year upon us comes a wealth of emerging decor updates to keep your home current and celebrate the art of living.

ArtHaus Condos offers you this list to dress your condo in 2017’s Hottest Design Trends.

Mixed Patterns

2017 Design Trends

First spotted in New York Fashion week 2016, as a catalyst for trends to come, this design will appear in the home this year. PAttern lovers rejoice as the concept of patterns being “too busy” go by the wayside. It may seem like a tricky theme to pull off, but it simply takes practice.Get your pattern-mixing feet wet with throw pillows. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to move around, making them great items to begin your pattern practice. Try building from there. See how new lampshades or accessories interact with your throw pillows. The smaller scale of the container on the side table complements the larger patterns scales in the shade and pillow. Go big with a bold wallpaper or add presence to your draperies. If multiple patterns and a variety of colours are too much for you, consider sticking to black and white. You can still achieve the mixed pattern look by choosing prints in different styles, such as a traditional pattern with a more modern print.


2017 Design Trends

Material manipulation such as tufts, velvets, cottons, large stitchings of beautiful luxe yarns, faux furs, mohairs and soft materials will ring in the macro trend of comfort in 2017. When we think of rich, opulent rooms, we often think of baroque spaces festooned in heavy fabrics and gilded to the nines. But even breezy, contemporary spaces can feel sumptuous thanks to a plush rug or combed paint. Use deep-pile rugs in neutral tones to add luxe coziness in spaces where sleek squared edges dominate. Embrace industrial elements such as concrete walls and ceiling to capitalize on the raw beauty of their building materials. Add a textured statement wall in a subdued colour, to draw the eye toward a fireplace, or kitchen wall. Go for a modern take on the classic tufted chesterfield. Textural elements will work unexpected wonder in spaces where the decor is modern to add warmth.

Navy is the new black

2017 Design Trends

Navy will be the preferred alternative to black in 2017. This colour works with practically every scheme, and, being a lighter shade, is not as invasive as black.Use it on the walls when you want to go dark but not quite black. Navy is an elegant and serious colour, and it evokes serious things like tradition, solidity and strength, but it doesn’t have to be somber.  Use it as a contrast against white trim and interesting architectural details.Pair it with crisp white and you get a brisk maritime feel evoking the sophistication of the Kennedys holidaying on a yacht. Mix it with bright hues of green, bright pink and sunny yellow and you get something modern and vivacious.Navy is extremely versatile and works in almost every style of decor. You can even pair it with black, as the epitome of style icons, the Parisians, have long displayed in high fashions.

Compact Furnishings

2017 Design Trends

Less is more has never more true than when it comes to your space, and 2017 will be the year that designers embrace fold-up rooms and tucked-away appliances, and compact furnishing to preserve precious square footage. Achieve major style without wasting space, with slimmed down sofas, convenient consoles, and stackable coffee tables. 2017 will be realize the era of smart modern living, that is equally smart, and comfortable.

Reflecting ArtHaus Condos unique and bold vision, 2017 will be the year that mixes modern clean lines with plush comfort, for creative spaces that will make your condo suite a work of art.

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