Five Best Spots To Eat In NDG

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce is one of Montreal’s most pleasant boroughs. From the bike paths along Maisonneuve, which take you right through the Downtown core to the shops, and restaurants along Sherbrooke Street and the trendy bars and hot spots on Monkland Avenue, it is an area rich with culture.  Often seen as the cultural hub of Montreal’s Anglophone community, it’s one of the most desirable places in the city to live, and those who move there typically can’t imagine living anywhere else. One major way NDG has an edge on the other boroughs is its amazing selection of restaurants, with something for every taste. Here are a few of NDG’s best spots:

Café Orange

Located up Decarie Street, between Sherbrooke and Monkland, this is arguably the neighborhood’s hottest brunch spot. With lines out the door on Saturday and Sunday morning, it has long been a meeting spot for a wide variety of residents, and the food is reasonably priced to boot. The eggs are always done just right, with excellent omelets, superb eggs benedict, and possibly the city’s best breakfast potatoes. Whether you just want a simple BLT or want something a little fancy, Café Orange has it, including great Bloody Caesars, Mimosas, and smoothies. They’re also open in the evening for casual diner fare, and Thursday through Sunday they even serve breakfast at night if you’re someone who enjoys eggs any time of the day.


Chalet BBQ

Open since 1944, Chalet BBQ serves the best BBQ chicken in the city – heck – maybe even in the world. It’s hard to say exactly what their secret is, with the chicken simply tasting better here than anywhere else, but whatever it is, the restaurant has been keeping people piling-in for decades. Especially noteworthy are their fresh-cut fries, traditional coleslaw, and BBQ sauce, which has an unmistakable hint of hickory in it. This is the kind of restaurant that quickly becomes a habit.

Notre Boeuf de Grace

One of the newer places on this list, Notre Boeuf de Grace has become such a local favorite that it’s already being franchised around the city, although the original and best-decorated restaurant is the one in NDG. The ground beef that goes into the burgers is always fresh, and the variety is impressive. There are even excellent vegetarian options, and if you’re not keen on the specials, you can have a burger custom made. The onion rings are especially good here, the soft drinks are made in-house and the bar list is extensive.

Sushi 5 Saisons

A rare bring-your-own-wine sushi restaurant, the food here is impeccable. The Chef’s specials are especially good, with some really creative rolls, such as the well-loved “Double Face,” with fresh tuna and salmon sashimi rolled in seaweed slightly breaded with tempura. If you’re new to eating sushi, they offer several plates tailored to beginners, allowing you to train your palate before launching into a more adventurous sushi experience.


Lucille’s Oyster Dive

Named after blues great B.B King’s famous guitar, Lucille’s has been the heart of Monkland Village for nearly a decade now. Known for some of the best surf n’ turf in the city, the fish and chips, little-neck clams, mixed oysters and shrimp cocktails are especially well-loved. If you can choose one thing, try the seafood tower, with lobster, snow crab, oysters, clams and shrimp completing a meal that’s guaranteed to satisfy. And don’t leave without trying the famous seafood Bloody Caesar, which is topped with an oyster, clam, shrimp and a crab leg. It’s a meal unto itself.

Each spot had its specialty and gives you one more reason to love NDG! All of these amazing restaurants are near the Beaumont project, so make sure to check it out.





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