Five Quick Tips On Clearing Clutter for A More Peaceful Condo

By now you’ve most likely been introduced to the world of Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo. While we were introduced the KonMari Method™ in her best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” her organization techniques were put to the test on her Netflix show, which has her cleaning up homes across America and purging unnecessary items. This thinking is especially helpful for those who live in condos, as many modern designs have open floor plans and minimal space for clutter. Whether you’re a new owner or have been living in a condo for years, you’ll find these five tips on minimizing disorder in your living space helpful.

Cleanliness as a routine

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect your condo to magically transform into that Pinterest perfect space you’ve always dreamt of. It’s overwhelming to look at the big picture, but by breaking down your cleaning schedule into a routine that can be followed by the week, month and year, you’ll find yourself less burdened by the thought of housework. Not to say that you’ll look forward to doing dishes, but it will no doubt be less of a hassle. To get an idea of what should be cleaned weekly, check out this helpful guide on Good Housekeeping.

Declutter for A Good Cause

You’ve surely heard the idiom, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It’s time to now take that saying to heart. Start by going through your clothing and knick-knacks that have accumulated over the years and start organizing it in bags to give away. While it may be hard at first, getting rid of unnecessary items can get addicting! It also feels great to know that your lightly used items are going to those that are in need. Locate your nearest drop-off spot and get purging.

Functional Multi-Purpose Furniture

By choosing furniture that’s not only trendy but functional is definitely a must when you’re looking for more of a decluttered home. Here’s an example: if your old couch from college no longer “sparks joy” for your wife, maybe it’s time to look for something like a sofa bed with storage. While the term “sofa bed” can bring to mind creaky old box springs, companies like IKEA and Structube have modernized the multi-functional piece of furniture for the modern condo owner. Researching multi-use furniture is not only fun, but it’ll help you make better choices when it comes to organizing your space. Closets will no longer be full of shame!

Digitize What You Can

If you’re not terribly connected to your physical photographs, take the time to digitize them for safekeeping on a jump drive and back them up online. If you don’t have access to a scanner, companies like Staples have photo digitizing plans starting at just $39. Same goes for sentimental items like birthday cards, letters and other things that can in time just become more of a nuisance than a prized possession.

A Library In The Palm of Your Hand

In the same vein of digitization, you can always switch over to e-books if your books are collecting dust or taking up valuable real estate in your condo or storage space. Choose your favorites and say goodbye to your impulsive purchases. Donate the books to a local charity, gift to friends or sell them through the Facebook Market or on local sites like VarageSale or Letgo.

If you want to learn more about decluttering for a more peaceful living space plan to attend KonMari event happening at Beaumont Sales Office on April 11th or at TAK Village Sales Office on May 2nd!

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