From Garden to Market

Living in the city is no excuse for not enjoying freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Montrealers from all over the city have several options when it comes to savouring the freshness of the land. Whether or not you’re the gardening type, let’s explore the various possibilities.

Balcony Gardens

Is there some space on your balcony for a few planters? It’s easy. Plant some tomatoes and herbs, and hang some strawberry plants. Nothing quite compares to the taste of freshly picked basil added to a delicious tomato and bocconcini salad.

Urban Gardens

Montreal’s community gardening project was born in 1975. The boroughs provide citizens with plots of land to be used for gardening. Equipment is provided to gardeners: soil, water outlets, sheds or toolboxes, tables, fences and flowers, as well as the services of a horticulturist who comes to give advice to gardeners. What’s more, community gardens are great places to meet your neighbours. Citizens must sign up to take advantage of these services. Make your way to the website for more details.

Source: Habiter Montréal

Here are the community gardens nearest our construction projects:

NOCA → Georges Vanier Garden
Castelnau and Ateliers Castelnau → Babylone Garden
Beaumont → Rencontres Garden

Public Markets

Don’t feel like getting your hands dirty? Producers set up shop in public markets near your home during the summer months to offer a wonderful variety of fresh, local products.

Here are the public markets nearest our construction projects:

NOCA → Atwater Market
Castelnau and Ateliers CastelnauJean-Talon Market

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