Condo Living: Choosing Furniture that Fits Your Space and Style

The demographics show that more and more people are choosing to live in condos in major urban centers rather than in larger single family dwellings on the outskirts of cities or in the suburbs. The advantages are obvious; Proximity to work, to innumerable practical services, to a host of entertainment and leisure activities, less time spent on household chores like cutting the grass or cleaning the pool.

However, the reduced size of living space is something that not everyone is used to. Condos come in many shapes and sizes but the latest statistics show that smaller units (650 sq ft or less) are becoming increasingly popular and that open-concept or soft-loft style condos are more and more common. People shopping for a condo are often concerned that the furniture they currently own won’t fit, or that there will not be enough storage, especially if they are moving from a larger single family dwelling. The important thing to remember is that you are buying a new home for yourself, not for your furniture.

If you have finally found a home that is perfect for you, ideally located, stylish and that offers great amenities but you are hesitating because you don’t think your sofa will fit, you have to keep in mind that furniture is easily replaceable and certainly easier to find than a condo that fits your needs, taste and lifestyle. If you think about it, making a $200,000+ investment to accommodate your furniture doesn’t seem like a very wise investment. Your new condo is your biggest investment, so it should be the other way around. Buy furniture to match the size and style of your new condo!

This growing shift toward living spaces with a smaller footprint has not gone unnoticed by designers and furniture makers. The new trends for city living are based on minimalism, clean lines, simple designs and furniture that does double duty! It is becoming increasingly common to find condo friendly furniture in all furniture stores: Beds with storage underneath, coffee tables that can also be extra seating or that can become dining room tables, comfortable and accommodating sofas with a smaller footprint and much more.

DevMcgill’s model condos are outfitted with furniture that is designed specifically for condo living, maximising space with an accent on style, and giving you an idea of well-planned layouts and stylish, functional furniture.¹

When shopping for your new condo, keep in mind that space is a factor. But today you don’t have to compromise on your distinct style in order to find furniture that fits!

With so much out there to choose from, it is easy to find pieces that you’ll love and that will add style and storage to your home!

  1. DevMcgill’s model condos are fully furnished by Mobilia.
  2. The furniture pieces featured above are available at Mobilia.

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