Our greatest love story begins at home!

They are an essential resource, an irreplaceable asset, the face we show to the world, our eyes and our ears — our employees constitute our most vital component in the smooth operation of our organization. We are proud of their achievements. They are remarkable workers thanks to their know-how and to their great sense of commitment. We would like to highlight their contribution by sharing with you a sampling of the heartfelt thoughts they have for some of our ongoing projects.

We know who you are by what you love!


Sleek and graceful, this project will be located along the banks of the Lachine Canal in Griffintown West. It is not surprising to see how much two of our young, dynamic and trendy staff members love it.

According to Alexandra Serafini, Director of Sales and Product Development, “NOCA represents the best of both worlds. On the one hand, there is the cycling path alongside the Lachine Canal, which is perfect for enjoying nature and relaxing. On the other, there is the convenience of Griffintown and the Montreal Downtown area. With only a ten-minute walk, it is possible to get to work, to simply visit one of the neighbourhood’s good restaurants or to take advantage of nearby activities. Otherwise, residents can stay at home and use the many common areas inside the project: the swimming pool, the terrace, the gym and the owners’ lounge. It’s all there so you will never be bored!”

Fanny Pelland, the Development coordinator is also taken with this innovative project. “With its location next to the Lachine Canal and the nearby cycling paths, NOCA is my favourite project. Being rather an active person, I like the idea of being able to run or to take my bicycle to work. It is also my favourite project because of the changes happening in Griffintown with its nearby quaint restaurants and shops. In addition, everything can be done on foot. I really like the project’s clean and modern look. All these things make me say that NOCA is ideal for me.”


Elegant and timeless, with its spectacular panoramas and a perfect location, this stylish project clearly deserves a high rating.

Designer Nadia Palumbo believes that the enthusiasm expressed by Le Beaumont’s clients is contagious and she personally loves its design. “The buyers are truly excited by the project and I am sure that they will inject a strong community spirit in the building. With a swimming pool, a terrace, a gym and a supermarket, how can one ask for more? In addition, the building is quite centrally located which allows people to enjoy the benefits of this warm and trendy neighbourhood.”

Ateliers Castelnau

Both current and modern, this project has the ability to unite those who love this very popular neighbourhood and enthusiasts of understated contemporary urban architecture.

According to Jake Goodman, Project Manager — Sales and Innovation: “the project blends wonderfully with the neighbourhood and the location is ideal: in addition to having the Jean Talon Market and Jarry Park nearby, both the metro and the bus stop are at one’s doorstep. I also really love the quality of the interior finish. In my opinion, the excellent ratio between quality and price is unrivalled. I also appreciate the project’s heritage value. The fact that it integrates a historical building gives it an aura of authenticity which touches me greatly.”


Tak evokes an uncluttered Scandinavian approach and provides a great deal of green space and lively community living. It is no surprise that our latest addition is already proving to be quite popular.

“I strongly relate to Tak-Village. The idea of being surrounded by nature within an urban setting pleases me greatly. Being able to ‘recharge my batteries’ at home has a great deal of value for me. I love to do gardening work, to go cycling and to do my shopping on foot. In addition, I appreciate the project’s beauty as well as the large private terraces it offers. There will be a mix of different types of families and they will find a variety of homes to choose from. My personal values are largely aligned with the concept of a sharing economy and the fact that residents will have access to Communauto vehicles and to bicycles pleases me greatly,” says Kim Ho Nguyen, Customer Service Manager.

For Michelle Tormos, Project Manager — Digital Marketing, the Rosemont-Angus neighbourhood is worth its weight in gold. “With everything nearby, the location is frankly quite accessible. I love the fact that the Scandinavian inspiration is generating an architecture which is modern, minimalist, practical and user-friendly, relying on local building materials, and that the design takes the lifestyle of Montreal’s citizens into account. The open spaces and the kitchens which are designed for active families are magnificent. The window arrangement takes full advantage of the natural sunlight, thereby creating warm and charming areas.”


The ArtHaus condominiums, a component of a mixed-use project, is part of an architectural endeavour with an uncluttered design and exceptional views. Residents will also enjoy an extraordinary cultural immersion, with the Ottawa Art Gallery being integrated into the project.

“I greatly enjoy art. I have a DEC in visual arts and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and I have a passion for real estate. Obviously, ArtHaus has a particular appeal for me. This hybrid design in which an art gallery, a hotel and condominium apartments blend into a single complex attracts me. In addition, I believe that the architects and designers have done a remarkable job in transforming this site into inviting, modern and warm areas. As ArtHaus rises from the 15th to the 23rd floors, the views it offers are remarkable and unusual for the City of Ottawa. I believe that the city has made a bold gesture by promoting such an original project.” Tina Dostie, Director of Marketing.

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