Griffintown: From Industrial District To Desirable Family Neighbourhood

Griffintown is in a constant state of change, and for the past decade, old factory buildings have been remodelled to make way for polished condo projects. This construction boom has attracted young professionals and families to the mix, creating a vibrant neighbourhood nestled next to the Lachine Canal and the Old Port.

So today, we’re going to trace Giffintown’s path from an industrial district to a trendy, up-and-coming hotspot for millennials.

Early beginnings

The neighbourhood has a distinct Irish background that dates back to the 19th century, as thousands of Irish refugees fled to Montreal to escape the famine back home. Most of these immigrants were poor, unskilled labourers that found employment in the warehouses and factories in Griffintown.

Naturally, these immigrants settled in small apartments nearby, and a vibrant community flourished for the next 50 years. By the time the Second World War was over, the Irish influence had waned, and Italians, Ukrainians, Russians, Jews, and French-speaking Quebecers moved into the area. By the 1950s, most of the factories closed down because the Lachine Canal was no longer the main waterway used for trade.

Modern Times

The neighbourhood remained relatively dormant for the next 50 years, and according to local records, fewer than 3,000 residents inhabited the area. Things started to change at the turn of the century, as developers saw the potential to transform old factories into sprawling condo projects.

But this didn’t happen immediately, as only a few buildings on the border of the Old Port were transformed into condo projects. Then in 2012 – building on the momentum of the construction boom in the city – Griffintown experienced a significant condo boom, as cranes dotted the skyline and dozens of new buildings were built in a short period.

Residents of the South West borough – which encompasses Griffintown – also pushed for more green spaces and parks to create a family-friendly environment. The real estate rush also ushered in a new era for restaurateurs and merchants, especially around Notre Dame Street where Le Richmond, Grinder, Chez Sophie, Le Boucan Smokehouse, and Spanel (to name a few) are located.

NOCA Condo Project

Fast-forward to the present day, and things have changed immensely. While the area is still undergoing a transformation, the NOCA condos symbolize an innovative project in Griffintown.

This avant-garde and unique space is situated in the eastern portion of the neighbourhood and features gorgeous views of both the Lachine Canal and the downtown core. The focus of the NOCA Condos is really a symbiotic relationship between nature and the urban city and represents a space that’s optimal to live, work, and relax. The larger condos are also spacious and provide the right amount of room for a small family looking to live in a fast-pace yet tranquil environment.

The residential project is also equipped with top-of-the-line amenities such as a rooftop pool and terrace, fitness center, work-live space, multi-functional sports room, owner’s lounge, and a 16,000 square-foot interior courtyard. Professionals and young families can easily commute to the downtown area, which is less than one kilometre away.


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