Here Is Your Tak Update



We are pleased to announce that DevMcGill, a division of Cogir Real Estate, will henceforth carry out the entire development of Tak Village, an innovative Scandinavian-looking real estate concept settling into the heart of Rosemont-Angus.

With KnigthsBridge withdrawal of its role as the developer of the 89-unit single-level and stacked townhouse part of the project, DevMcGill, already shouldering the construction of the 173 condos planned over three phases, will assume the responsibility of completing the entire project in partnership with Ipso Facto Investissement Immobilier.

“This is great news at the beginning of the Holiday Season. We have been partnering with Ipso Facto for many years and have thereby developed a strong trusting relationship. We have all the necessary resources and know-how to transform this exciting project into a great success” says Stéphane Côté, President of DevMcGill.

Sales of Tak Village’s condos as well as its single-level and stacked townhouses for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 have already exceeded 90%. Building permits have recently been received, thereby allowing construction to begin during the winter of 2020. Launch of the Phase 3 condos will take place next February. DevMcGill’s expertise will therefore ensure the project’s continuity without having any impact whatsoever on its completion. All sales contracts will be honoured. The structure is in place to ensure a smooth transition.

It is worth reminding that Ipso Facto Investissement Immobilier is a private Quebec-based company tasked with investing in real estate development projects. The company provides its expertise and financial resources to a top-tier clientele of real estate developers, contractors and managers.

Best regards,

Tak Village team

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