Info Construction January 2021 Tak Village: Stacked Houses and Townhouses

As you know, construction sites are remaining open despite the current restrictions, allowing ongoing projects to proceed.


As a result, we are pleased to confirm that, after having carried out the land survey and excavation for the stacked house portion of the project, we have completed the shuttering of the footing and we are now proceeding with the foundation formwork.



As for the townhouse segment, the land survey has been completed and the excavation is under way. The construction team will then proceed with pouring the foundations.


Once this is done, the structure will be set up for the wooden levels and the inside work that will include steps such as electricity, plumbing and various other mechanical issues.


It will be a pleasure for us to update this information as significant new stages are completed.


Tina Dostie
Vice President sales, marketing and client service
Cogir Real Estate Development and Construction


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