The Innovative Marché Créatif at the Ateliers Castelnau

DevMcGill is proud to announce the fourth Marché Créatif, which will be held on September 7th at the sales office of the Ateliers Castelnau project. Located in the heart of the Mile-Ex neighbourhood, the Marché will showcase the talent of several prominent artisans from across Quebec.


Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect for the upcoming event and how DevMcGill is continuously dedicated to supporting the artistic community. More over, a contest will be held during the event. Contestants will have the chance of winning one of three original and refined prizes by filling out a participation card.


Previous Success

The last three events have yielded tremendous results and cemented DevMcGill as a firm ally and patron of the arts. We’re constantly on the hunt for new inspiration, so it felt very natural to team up with local artisans to create a monthly event that showcased their talent.

DevMcGill Marché Créatif Ateliers Castelanu

At our very first Marché Créatif, we invited a clothing company called Whaaat Studio to come and showcase their designs. The idea behind this brand is that they feature quirky culinary graphics that strike an emotive chord with Quebecers. The most popular T-shirt has to be the one featuring a giant poutine on it, as this dish is Quebec’s most treasured export.

DevMcGill Marché Créatif Ateliers Castelanu

Since the showcase, Whaaat Studio has received a decent amount of media attention, demonstrating how our Marché can provide significant exposure for emerging talent. The brand was just featured on Global News, and founder Stephane Pham said his love for Quebec cuisine played a pivotal role in the creative process.

DevMcGill Marché Créatif Ateliers Castelanu

At our August event, we invited a Montreal-based jewellery company called Luxetto, which was founded in 2011. The talented designers at Luxetto have created these intricate copper bracelets at an atelier here in the city, and accessorize them with a variety of stunning jewels and crystals. Following the showcase at the Marché Créatif, Marie-Soleil Michon talked about the brand on her radio show for Rythme FM.

DevMcGill Marché Créatif Ateliers Castelanu


For our next Marché Créatif, you can expect ten new artisans to display their work. This includes the designs of a brand called Martel Clothing, which just held a runway show at Place des Arts last week for the Festival Mode & Design. These clothes incorporate Montreal fashion with sophistication and classso; you can pick up some exclusive pieces only at the Marché. You can also expect complimentary food and drinks along with free parking. There will also be multiple draws occurring at the end of the event, and all visitors are encouraged to enter!  

DevMcGill Marché Créatif Ateliers Castelanu

If you’re looking to support the local community and want to explore one of DevMcGill’s ambitious and avant-garde projects, come by the Ateliers Castelnau sales office on September 7th. The event begins and 5 pm and continues until 9 pm at 65 rue de Castelnau Ouest, Montreal, H2R 2W3.

DevMcGill Marché Créatif Ateliers Castelanu DevMcGill Marché Créatif Ateliers Castelanu

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