La Vita è bella !

In the course of the numerous events organized to mark DevMcGill’s 20 years in business, we are pleased to present our two in-house designers, Nadia Palumbo and Jessica Puglisi, Managers of Projects, Finishes and Personalization whose contribution has been vital in the successful completion of our many endeavours.

With a great deal of tact and people skills, they have brought their fine touch to bear, enhancing their projects and making choices easier for their clients. Involved in the construction industry at an early age – both were born into a family of general contractors – they quickly learned to hold a paintbrush and extend a measuring tape.

These days, they are constantly called upon to meet with buyers who need to choose their future home’s kitchen and bathroom finishes. Nadia and Jessica make sure that everything is in order.

“Customers who want to customize their condo to match their tastes can share their vision with us. We will meet with them and guide them through the different possibilities. We also follow up with the contractors,” says Nadia.

Our designers are aware of the range of products, the budgets involved and what impact a customer’s decision will have on the project’s plans. They know how to tell it like it is and manage expectations.

To stay up to date and keep up with current trends, Nadia and Jessica keep a close eye on a wide range of magazines, go to various design shows and take part in a number of events.

“I also visit many Internet sites. That way, through various sources, including LinkedIn, I can discover new products which may be available through some of our suppliers,” says Jessica.

Among their many duties, meetings with clients are among those tasks which they relish.

“It is very satisfying to help customers and guide them with their decisions. Their excitement is quite apparent” says Nadia.
“That’s true! it’s a very gratifying part of our work,” adds Jessica who also enjoys the variety, the creativity and the technical aspects included in her duties.

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