Make Way for Phase 2 of Ateliers Castelnau

As phase 1 construction, with its 99% sales level, is quickly advancing, DevMcGill is moving forward with the necessary preparation to begin building Ateliers Castelnau’s phase 2.


In early September, demolition work began inside the former Transcontinental print shop. The grey stone which formed a small part of the ground floor will be reused during the renovation of this heritage building which will become Ateliers Héritage.


Incidentally, the original frontage, previously hidden by the wing which was added to the building in the 1960s and (and who was demolished), can now be seen from the street.


Moreover, the interior stripping of this old stone building will be carried out in the next few weeks.

In addition, we are quite pleased to confirm that the occupancy of Ateliers Castelnau’s phase 1 is expected to take place in the spring of 2019.

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