What Makes Ottawa One Of The Best Places To Live

It’s well-known that Canadians are a humble bunch, but when it comes to comparing their major cities, there’s quite the rival. From hockey cities Toronto and Montreal to the brawl between sprawling prairie towns Edmonton and Calgary, it seems as if Ottawa always gets left out of the neverending battle of ‘who is better.’ You may be surprised to hear that for two years in a row, MoneySense named Ottawa the best place in Canada to live! 

“It’s fair to say Canadians underestimate just how strong a city like Ottawa is,” writes MoneySense. “Most only see it as a government town, failing to recognize it’s also home to one of the most respected tech hubs in Canada. The city employs 72,000 in the tech sector alone, led by companies like Shopify and QNX. Combine that with stable and well-paying government jobs, and you have a level of economic diversity that is the envy of Canada.”

Not only is it a bustling hub for work, but Ottawa is also chock-full of incredible restaurants, is a gorgeous mixture of green spaces and modern architecture.

Asides from the gorgeous Rideau Canal steps away from Arthaus; residents can take a 20-minute drive and be surrounded by areas prime for hiking, cottage country, and skiing. 

While Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson will be the first to admit the city was not known for its culinary arts, he will stand by it today. “Back when I arrived here the closest thing to European cuisine here was Swiss Chalet,” he explained to MoneySense. “Today we have some of the best chefs in the country, if not North America.” 

In 2019, Ottawa had not one, but four restaurants on the coveted Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list: 

  1. Atelier, a restaurant that focuses on unique and whimsical cuisine.
  2. Riviera, infamous for their high-end, original Canadian fares.
  3. Stofa which is favoured for classical, and contemporary cooking techniques.
  4. Fauna a rustic, chic eatery serving elevated, locally-sourced New Canadian small plates.

Finally, another reason why Ottawa is one of the best places to live is the fact that it’s an excellent place for young families to grow. Ottawa has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the country, has many high-quality daycare centres, and was globally ranked as the 17th best place to live if you’re looking for a high quality of life in the entire world. 

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