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The only constant in life is change, and when you choose wisely, great things happen. If you’re thinking of moving to a new home sooner than later, don’t delay making the choices that will get you the kind of place you truly want. Be proactive and there’s no telling what dreamy new condo in Montreal you’ll suddenly discover you’re about to move into.

Don’t wait around to make a decision that will impact every aspect of your life. At DevMcGill, our condo projects give you plenty of options to make your new home your own, from choosing colours, finishings, and much more. Instead, start that process of browsing new condos. Montreal is an incredible place to be searching—there’s no doubt about that. Besides, the sooner you choose from the move-in ready condos in Montreal, the sooner you can start your new life in your brand new space!

Currently in the city of Montreal, new condos are going on sale in exciting, vibrant neighbourhoods all across the island. There’s no better time to invest in some real estate, as recent reports have proven that Montreal’s condo market is booming.

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Old Montreal has its own special draw as a neighbourhood that stands as a living testament to the trials of history, with its public squares, monolith churches, and beautiful architecture that tell the story of a bygone era. It’s like taking a quick stroll through an old European city where the streets are made of cobblestones and the old historical buildings have endured the blustery winters. What better place for your new condo in Montreal?

Villeray offers an array of possibilities. This includes Jarry Park for dreamers and sports lovers, Little Italy for coffee and pizza buffs, and Jean Talon Market for a culinary experience to die for. This neighbourhood is strategically located in the heart of the city and is really close to all the action. If you’re seeking a new adventure, this place should be at the top of your wish list for a new condo in Montreal. Not to mention it’s super close to the Montreal Botanical Garden and the iconic Olympic Stadium, which attract tourists from all over the world.

If you like high quality things, this neighbourhood is on your list for a new condo in Montreal.

Imagine waking up and exploring the outdoors right in the heart of the city. If you’re in love with walking, running, biking, skiing or pleasure boating on the incomparable Lachine Canal, Lachine may just be the right place for your move-in ready condo in Montreal—beautifully tranquil, yet incredibly close to everything. This area has boomed over the last few years and a lot of young professionals have moved in, due to the proximity to the city.

Regardless of what area of the city you’re looking to take root in, DevMcGill has built a solid reputation for choosing the best and brightest neighbourhoods in the city to construct stunning, brilliantly designed, human-friendly, earth-friendly new condos in Montreal that respect both the importance of keeping the most beautiful parts of history intact while also creating green spaces that acknowledge health, sanity, and quality of life—our top priorities. Every unique neighbourhood our move-in ready condos in Montreal are found in are remarkable, worthwhile places to live. In addition to the awe-inspiring historic buildings, the best restaurants, shops and local attractions of each area combine to create a real sense of home around your new condo in Montreal.

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Want an idea of what your new dream condo in Montreal is going to look like? Choose the project that speaks to you, and click on any available units to view detailed floor plans and other helpful descriptions that start you on the road to imagining your new, personalized space!