And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music – Friedrich Nietzsche

I grew up in Montreal in a Latin American family environment but I was always surrounded by my city’s culture. I love my town, its culture and especially the food here. Confession: I’m a total foodie. I am an accountant so I often meet clients at Brasserie Harricana. Good food while closing business deals. After my dance practices or modelling photoshoots, I walk in high heels and get to bed 5 minutes later. Yes, I love numbers but I also have an artistic and creative side.

I chose Ateliers Castelnau!


Ateliers Castelnau
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Ateliers Castelnau

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at Ateliers Castelnau

What I love about it:

Living at Ateliers Castelnau means being surrounded by Villeray, Little Italy and Park-Ex where I can find cafes and restaurants nearby. I appreciate their support for local craftsmen and designers. Guess what!  Pop up craft market events take place at the Sales and Visit Gallery all year round! Ateliers Castelnau had me with it’s location and accessibility. This condo project is close to major roads, with two metro stations and close to all services by foot or by bicycle. I am now thinking about getting rid of my car to use car sharing services instead.

At Ateliers Castelnau I have:

  • The Mile-Ex neighborhood, beautiful street art, cafes, bars and restaurants
  • A bike repair workshop and multifunctional area for my creative projects
  • The industrial charm of the past and the modern architecture of the project