The world is a beautiful book, but of little use to him who cannot read it

I teach French to newcomers and I am also a pre-teen mom. I’ve had a passion for theater and cinema since I could remember. Since many years, I’ve worked on many documentary projects in Gaspesie and Madagascar. It does not hurt to travel from time to time. I also play characters in front of the camera, it must be my alter ego! My first and greatest passion is for writing. I love to write from my living room with my exceptional view on the Canal for inspiration: true happiness of choosing Griffintown West.

I chose NOCA!


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This is not just like any other condominium project

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What I love about it:

I must admit that I am lucky to live in an intuitive condo project that offers a Work/Live work space with Wi-Fi access! I can work from my laptop and get my writing project peers to come over and work whenever I want to. I also enjoy Parc du Bassin-à-Gravier to recharge my batteries and where my kids can have fun at the same time. There is also nothing like the joys of a mommy who knows that her children can ride their bikes on the two bike paths surrounding the project. It is priceless!

At NOCA I have:

  • Direct access to Lachine Canal for its view and all its family activities
  • A working area Work/Live
  • Proximity to the city center, the creators hub, active transport and highways