When you do not create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. So create!

I have been working in the marketing field for several years now. I love the world of dance and jazz music. I dance a minimum of 15 hours a week which I also teach. It’s way better than a Gin Tonic or my 7-star rum: a daily therapy if you know what I mean! Design (DIY), street art, technologies, ATV riding, fixed gear biking, and cooking are part of my hobbies. For relaxation, you might find me with a good book at coffee shop or in the Home/Deco section of a downtown bookseller – extreme addiction!

I chose Castelnau IV!

Castelnau IV
Discover Kim's Condo.
Castelnau IV

Only few units left! Delivery on September 2017

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at Castelnau IV

What I love about it:

The historical character and architectural details from the Beaux Arts style building on Saint-Laurent made me go aww! A masterpiece! Imagine when I learned I could actually live there. I also discovered the project’s green spaces and Jarry Park nearby. I knew I could either read under the sun, jog, riding my fixed gear bike or just go for a simple walk. I couldn’t ask for more with coffee shops, restaurants, and speciality boutiques being close by foot. I travel the world on weekly basis, culinary speaking hehe!

At Castelnau IV I have:

  • Jarry Park for my reading and bike paths for my fixie
  • Near many restaurants, cafes and metro stations
  • Specialty shops: butcher, tea shop, organic store and more