Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance – Coco Chanel

I have had the chance to live part of my life in Africa, Asia and Europe because of my work in mining rights. I spent more time at airports and on flights than the vast majority of people. I have had my relaxing moments while fishing from time to time. After retiring and raising all of our children, my wife and I started travelling the world.

I chose Beaumont!

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We lived in the Westmount-NDG area a big part of our life. The house seemed empty since our children left and it also became a heavy duty with cleaning and maintenance. Too much of a huge space for two. Well we finally chose the Beaumont NDG for our downsizing. The condo life offers us an alternative that allows us to travel still, without worry. Not to mention that we will be able to stay in NDG near Monkland Village, downtown, and as well as the airport for our next destinations!

We were able to find a stylish and refined look at the Beaumont, as well as an elegant style both in the common spaces and in our penthouse. The splendid panoramic view of the top of the city charmed my wife. We are lucky to finally be able to enjoy our hassle-free retirement.

At Beaumont I have:

  • An architecture in harmony with the local urban landscape
  • Direct access to the IGA grocery store on the ground floor
  • Unparalleled panoramic views