There is more courage than talent in most success stories – Félix Leclerc

I studied in advertising, graphic design and photography to finally become a culinary entrepreneur who will be opening the best ‘’Casse-Croute’’ in Montreal, very soon … What a journey! My passion for cooking, Latin American music and any sphere of creativity has certainly guided me on this path. The idea of being my own ‘Boss with no 9-5 schedule certainly helped me! I am an eternal optimist who is not afraid to take risks.

I chose Ateliers Castelnau!


Ateliers Castelnau
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Ateliers Castelnau

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at Ateliers Castelnau

What I love about it:

With a unique industrial and vintage style, modern structures, affordable units, I chose Ateliers Castelnau. I made the decision to purchase in this project especially for the bike repair workshop including a multifunctional area. I will be able to handcraft my percussion instruments in my spare time or groom my dog for home with the cleaning tray. This condo project also attracted me by the choice made to use local materials and the craftsman touch. This project values such as creativity in all forms and the authenticity of craftsmanship are deeply anchored in me.

At Ateliers Castelnau I have:

  • A bike storage space and the workshop
  • The new Archambault in the sector
  • The Mile-Ex and its vibe