We travel not to change places, but ideas – Hippolyte Taine

I am pretty colorful when it comes to my personality. I love biking in town in places like the Plateau, Old Montreal or the Golden Square Mile. As well as being a big fan of champagne, sport cars and nightlife, I also love the Island’s lifestyle where there’s a calmer and easing pace: chilling vibe. When I get the chance I pack up and leave for a random destination. Travelling is another one of my guilty pleasures. By the next few years I would like to visit all the world’s major cities.

I chose Castelnau IV!


Castelnau IV
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Castelnau IV

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at Castelnau IV

What I love about it:

In terms of design and fashion among others, I appreciate boldness. Let’s say that the word edgy would describe my style. I love wearing black and white and adding some color blocking to it as a contrast.  That’s maybe why I enjoy pop art pieces. Anything with lots of cachet but modern, textured, and bold of course, attracts me such as the Castelnau condo project.

I love to invite friends over for a good meal and divine wine bottles or even for happy hour. Being closed the Jean-Talon Market and specialized grocery stores in Villeray makes me splurge everyday! Otherwise, we meet on the Main, Saint-Laurent Boulevard to enjoy restaurants, the nightlife or for shopping. I chose Castelnau IV for all these reasons.

At Castelnau IV I have:

  • Jean-Talon Market
  • The Main Boul. Saint Laurent
  • Proximity to other Montreal neighborhoods