NOCA – Phase 1 delivery – already!

The NOCA is more than ever at your doorstep!

We are very proud to confirm that the delivery of the first units of Phase 1 of the NOCA project, will take place as early as February 2020!

Starting this week, the 7th floor (of a total of 8) of Phase 1, more than 90% of which has been sold, will be built. Despite a particularly capricious winter, the setting of the exterior walls has begun and structural work is progressing smoothly.

As planned, we will contact you six months before the delivery of the floor on which your condo is located in order to provide the necessary details for possible occupancy.

In the meantime, keep monitoring the rapid progress of this beautiful project. It should be noted that we will be launching the highly anticipated Phase 3 as early as next weekend!

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