Noir Collection’s presentation at NOCA: a success from the very beginning!

More than a hundred people enthusiastically attended the official unveiling of Noir Collection, a new concept in town. The event took place on Thursday, October 3 at the NOCA sales office on Basin Street in West Griffintown.

“We are very proud to have created Noir Collection, a unique brand designed to meet the high expectations of a sophisticated clientele and to exclusively offer very high-end spaces,” explains Tina Dostie, Marketing Director DevMcGill (Cogir Immobilier Division).

Designed in close collaboration with several prestigious and highly renowned suppliers – Poggen Pohl, Wet Style and California Closets have enthusiastically joined the concept – Noir Collection promises to satisfy the desires of buyers looking for an exceptional level of refinement.

Thus, a few penthouses and sub-penthouses located at the heart of our most prestigious residential projects and bearing the Noir Collection seal will offer their residents a unique living space orchestrated with a keen attention to detail. Terrace in the open sky, secure floor, highly sophisticated design, highly personalized finishes; rare privileges that can satisfy the highest expectations. A line to follow.

Discover Noir Collection at the NOCA sales office, a highly sought-after project in West Griffintown.

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