Outdoor Rinks in Montreal

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you in the mood for a nice family skate or to lace up with some friends? Be it daytime, evenings or weekends, Montreal offers many wonderful skating rinks that are sure to please as you skate around freely in the great outdoors.

Village Mammouth

Until March 12, Village Mammouth is the perfect place for a day of fun. Located at the foot of the Olympic Stadium, Village Mammouth offers a vibrant experience featuring lively entertainment, special programming, food services by the team at Production Premiers Vendredis, an exceptional decor, and—of course—a skating rink.

Village Mammouth
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Lac aux Castors Refrigerated Rink

Lac aux Castors is located in Mount Royal Park. Its surrounding area is beautiful in summer and winter alike. With the arrival of the winter cold, the lake’s rink opens to the public, along with a refrigerated skating rink, giving skaters a lot of space to glide freely. Friday and Saturday evenings, come skate around to melodies ranging from Rock’ n Roll to valses, disco to traditional Quebec music. Visit the website for the complete schedule of events.

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Lafontaine Skating Rink

Are you more of the calm type who is looking for a tranquil place to practise your outdoor activities? Why not choose the Lafontaine skating rink located in the heart of the city. Although rather small, this rink offers a quiet, peaceful environment—especially during the evenings—and free access. As it is not refrigerated, the rink’s conditions vary according to the weather.

* Note that dates are subject to change based on weather conditions.

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